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Governor Scott’s Tuiton Plan is Harmful to Higher Education

(Palm Beach Post)

Gov. Rick Scott recently announced his intention to accept a recommendation from his education task force that state universities should charge less for science, technology, education and medicine (STEM) degrees and more for liberal arts degrees. The plan proposes to hold tuition at current levels for STEM students for three years while raising tuition for liberal arts majors, to make up costs.

Higher Education

Major Decisions

(NY Times; Education Life)

College is the time for making major decisions about the future. These decisions should follow approaching college with an open, inquiring mind. While some students enter college committed to a future career path, many do not. There is time to explore, to discover a future that might not be apparent to a high school senior. Increasingly, colleges are encouraging students to “experiment with unfamiliar disciplines and, perhaps, discover a passion and career path.”

Major Decisions

University of Florida

It is disturbing to call attention to the following article that appeared today in the Palm Beach Post. Many of my fine students present themselves as worthy candidates to the University of Florida. It is hard to believe that despite having all of the credentials, some will not be accepted.

University of Florica

Learning as Freedom

There is much discussion today about the purpose and value of a college education. While college becomes the gateway to many career opportunities, it should broaden the individual’s potential to grow intellectually and to provide a knowledge and skill base that will prepare the student for the fast paced and rapidly changing work world.

I call your attention to the insights of Michael Roth, President of Wesleyan University, who reflects on the educational philosophy of John Dewey. As Roth points out, Dewey recognized the need for education to prepare for careers, but it should have as its primary purpose “to enhance our capacities…to teach us habits of learning.” Even a century ago, Dewey touched upon the reality of rapid change, change in the work world of today that he could not have envisioned in his time. Dewey viewed learning as “the deepest form of freedom.”

And I would add that the gift of learning to learn should be the essence of a higher education, a gift that keeps on giving, as we go through our ever-changing world.

Learning as Freedom

Reality Check

David McCullough, a longtime teacher at Wellesley High School, gave his students a reality check at their recent graduation, when he informed them, “You are not special.”

David McCullough at Wellesley High School gives a commencement address:

“Excellent perspective and advice offered”.

Read it. I think you will find it interesting.

The Commencement Address

Colleges Get Career-Minded

As concerns mount about the cost of college, so do the questions about career potential for graduates. While the benefits of a liberal arts education remain unchallenged at many of our fine universities, there is also an increasing awareness of the need to blend studies in the Humanities with programs that prepare students to take their place in the work force. Today’s article in the Wall Street Journal calls attention to this effort, highlighting a program at Wake Forest University.

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SAT and ACT to Tighten Rules After Cheating Scandal

(NY Times article by James Barron)

Stung by a cheating scandal involving dozens of Long Island high school students, the SAT and ACT college entrance exams will now require students to upload photos when they sign up for the exams, and officials will check that image against the photo identification the students present when they arrive to take the test, the Nassau County district attorney said Tuesday.

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