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Waiting. . .

These are anxious days for my students who are waiting to hear the news on their early applications to college. They are great kids who have thoughtfully chosen to apply to colleges that provide them with a very good match for their interests, their abilities ---and their personas. The colleges they have selected would be fortunate to have them as students in their college communities. Yet, the jury is out as to whether they will get the answers they deserve.

Application statistics have been recorded and noted on the New York Times blog, The Choice. A sampling of the schools with increases over last year for binding Early Decision applications include: Brown (5.5%); Duke (23.1%); Elon (16.3%); George Washington (6.8%); Harvey Mudd (31.0%).

Non-binding Early Action applications are up as well, at many schools, including: Chicago (25.0%); Case Western (16. 2%); MIT (4.7%); Northeastern (14.1%); and Georgetown (1.4%). Harvard University has returned to offering Single Choice Early Action after four years. Those applications are up over 5.9% from that time.

The numbers of those accepted in this early round remains to be seen. Looking at last year's statistics they could be expected to range from 20% to 50%. However, each year stands on its own.

A number of my students have applications into the schools I have noted. I wait with them. I hope to be able to cheer with them, but we have planned for alternatives if the initial news is not positive. I want them ---as I always do, each year - to have their top choices.

You see, the students I work with are the promise for tomorrow. They are the best that their generation has to offer this troubled world. They are purposeful and believe in their future. They intend to contribute to making this world a better place. Two of my students plan to become physicians and hope to dedicate medical services to Doctors Without Borders. A prolific poet has written poetry to a troubled friend to help her as she works her way back to good health. Another talented writer has been producing poems to enlist donations for a community based education and resource center for new Americans. One has volunteered party planning services for children, as she dreams of developing her own business as an event coordinator. Two have created a high school team to walk for Lymphoma. Yet, another has been studying Mandarin, has spent time in China, and dreams of preparing for a career in global business that will build on that background.

It disturbs me when I hear about the "bad" teens, the troubled teens, the unmotivated teens. I squirm when I hear of a new Fox TV "comedy" entitled, I Hate my Teenage Daughter. I know I have been fortunate to discover the "good" teens.

And so we wait, wishing the biggest dreams will come true, --- knowing that some may have to make adjustments, but none that will diminish the promise they have to offer.