Working with Robin

It is gratifying to receive affirmation of my counseling from my students and their parents. I also believe that posting some of these observations will help prospective families to know what to expect when they ask me to join them on the road to college.

You are not going to believe it, but I am graduating! I really want to thank you for all your help in getting to college. Without you, these past four years wouldn’t have been so amazing and rewarding. The University of Richmond was all I was looking for. I am graduating with a double major in Business and International Studies, with a minor in French. I will be working at home in Mexico, and I am excited to go back. I will always be thankful for your help.

Georgina Pons

I was aware that the college admissions process was daunting. I cannot imagine having done it without Robin Abedon’s guidance and expertise. Robin worked directly with both of my children, navigating them through making choices that best suited them, as well as being mindful and prepared for deadlines and test preparation, in advance. Robin took the time to get to know my children as individuals first. This proved invaluable in assisting them with targeting schools that were “good fits”, as well as understanding what criteria would be important in every application for each individual school. Students in today’s environment are at a distinct disadvantage if they rely solely on their high school admissions office. With so many moving parts in the admission process and the changes that occur each year, Robin’s attention to detail and calendar were invaluable. Even after the process was complete, my children still look to her for advice on course selection and graduate school.

Robin Abedon is one of the best investments parents can make in their children’s future.

Louise Armour, Managing Director
JP Morgan Securities

Robin Abedon was a steady and guiding force throughout the college application process beginning as early as sophomore year when we first began our sessions together. She always asked the right questions, without ever putting words in my mouth, to help identify the best college matches. We had frequent meetings and continually updated my resume that included both academic and extracurricular activities. Together we identified a three- tiered college list based on degrees of likelihood of acceptance. What was most important to me was that we developed a collaborative team approach and as a result, we were able to tackle the process in a methodical and calm manner. We can’t recommend Robin’s services enough; she was an invaluable part of the college application experience.

Sydney McAuliffe, Duke '18 (student)
Robin Rosenberg (mother)
United States District Judge
for the Southern District of Florida

As to your expertise in college guidance and professional handling of our two boys and their travails in finding the right university, I can affirm that both Gary and I could not be more pleased. You have been knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and a good sounding board not only for the boys, but for their parents as well! I know that the overall experience of guiding our boys through the morass of finding the “right” college was made much more manageable and bearable because of your knowhow and professional handling of their respective situations. As a matter of fact, I cannot imagine going through the process without your invaluable help.

Celia and Gary Peters

Robin Abedon has had a principal role in helping my husband and me achieve our goals and realize our dreams. Both of us moved from Venezuela to the United States as teenagers. We were totally unfamiliar with American colleges. After helping me go through my extensive list of desired colleges and explaining every single aspect of the American college application process, I was ultimately accepted to Tufts University. Mrs. Abedon also led me through the process of deferring my admission for a year, as I chose to work in my family’s growing business. During that year, she met with my then-boyfriend to assist him in transferring to high-ranking universities in Boston. One year later, we were both sitting on the Tuft’s lawn, listening to the president welcome us to the 2008 school year.

Daniela Ramirez and Alejandro Cespedes

The process of applying to colleges can be stressful to both the child and parent. Robin brought an experienced, professional and focused approach to the task of identifying and applying to colleges appropriate for our children. Robin set goals, brainstormed essay topics and developed a schedule for completion of tasks. All three of our children thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and were admitted to colleges of their choice. I feel very lucky to have found her service and would wholeheartedly recommend it to others.

Kay Finsness

Both of our daughters have been the lucky recipients of the caring and competent services provided by Robin Abedon. Mrs. Abedon has a special ability to establish rapport, which I witnessed with each of our daughters, as she was able to assess each daughter’s own unique set of skills, qualities, strengths, and challenges. The continuous care she provided throughout their college application process was highly impressive, as was her ability to adjust and re-adjust their trajectories as they gained additional academic and extracurricular experiences, changed their focuses, and experienced maturational and developmental changes. Her multifaceted approach enabled both of our girls to reach for their dreams and resulted in their arriving at the most enriching institutions to foster their continued growth.

Robin Akdeniz, LCSW