how-i-workAs students make the transition from high school to college I become their partner. I carefully consider what academic and social environments meet each individual’s needs. To be effective, I spend considerable time visiting schools and researching educational trends, as well as studying changes in admissions policies and new developments on campuses. It is essential to clarify for students and their parents how the whole student will be evaluated in this very competitive era of academic admissions.

I encourage students to test their assumptions, to make certain their aspirations are realistic. As we work together, I motivate them to discover themselves and to express that discovery clearly. My skills as a communicator help me uncover vital elements of my students that need to be presented, those personal qualities that so define an individual.

Working one-on-one, my services are individualized to meet each student’s needs. Services provided in our partnership include:
Full Services

  • Assessment of school records
  • Guidance in selection of courses and outside activities
  • Identification of summer activities
  • Investigation of appropriate schools
  • Creation of a balanced list of colleges that matches a student’s desires and abilities
  • Planning for campus visits and interviews
  • Counsel for test preparation
  • Oversight of required essays and a personal résumé that conveys abilities and accomplishments
  • Assistance with applications
  • Monitoring of application schedule
  • On-going student and parent conferences
  • Deliberation on college choice

My goal is to empower students with a strong sense of self and accomplishment as they complete their college selection and step confidently into their college education.

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